.Life is all about the journeys we take.  My hope is that my pottery will help you to not only celebrate your joyful journeys, but also provide you with the encouragement you may need to face the more difficult journeys. Whether your journey involves finding the courage to start a new career, letting go of a past relationship, healing from an illness, or allowing yourself to finally forgive...
Start today, take the first step...BEGIN.

My Story

My eclectic, hand built pottery gets its unique look and feel from utilizing real plant material, vintage lace and antique knick knacks to provide form and embellishment. My inspiration flows not only from an internal nudge that changes with my mood and heart, but also from watching people tackle the obstacles that cross their path. Their actions & words; their pain & healing; and their inner strength & growth, all inspire me. But most of my inspiration comes from my own life story.

My depression began to creep in at age 16, dipping and peaking over the next 20 years, at times smothering me like a wet blanket. During those years I never felt authentic feelings of joy, just a subtle void, a flatness that had come to feel normal. Surprisingly, to others I appeared like everyone else, but something wasn't connecting inside and I began to question how my life had gotten to the point where I was just going through the motions. It wasn't until the age of 36 that I started to acknowledge an internal whisper. The same voice that had been trying to speak to me for years, but I had always found it too painful to listen, continually pushing it down, pretending not to hear it.. By the time I realized that voice may have something important to say, it was barely audible from being ignored all those years. Making the decision to finally start listening to that voice, began the process of working my way out of the depression.  It wasn't easy, acknowledging the voice meant having the courage to face past pain and unresolved issues. It took counseling, along with changes in my behavior and thought process before I started to feel a difference. It was a slow, emotionally draining process that took years.

I now recognize the inner voice as my creative side, my authentic self. Ignoring that voice and living a life that was not in line with my authentic self was the main cause of my depression. I now also understand my depression was a gift. Over the years, it has slowly evaporated and has been replaced with grace and compassion; allowing me to now forgive more easily, love more freely, and live more fully. These overflowing emotions pour into my pottery as I create. Recently, after lamenting how much of my life I've missed due to my depression, I made a pact with myself. I vowed to only participate in that which fed my soul. That same day, I started honoring my pact by giving notice at the treatment center where I was employed.  One month later, I walked out of the center for the last time and straight into a job that may not always fill my pockets, but continually feeds my soul. Which brings me here, to Wolf Tracks Pottery......where I Walk by Faith on a daily basis. 

TELL ME YOUR STORY.........I want to be inspired.